Nucleo is a collective of artists and designers directed by Piergiorgio Robino based in Torino, Italy.
Active in contemporary art, design and architectural fields.

Nucleo’s designs have been exhibited worldwide: in Netherlands (The Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2017),
Switzerland (Centre d’Art Contemporain, Genève, 2016), Italy (Triennale Design Museum, Milano, 2014; Mart, Museum of modern and contemporary arts.
Germany (Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, 2005), Spain (Marco Museum of Contemporary Art, Vigo, 2005 ),
France (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris 2004), and the United States (Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh 2004;
Chelsea Art Museum, New York, 2004; Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, 2003) and exhibiting in leading Fairs specializing in art and design.

"Our work can be described as an investigation of time-frames; their matrix and their existences.
Distinctive, curious and tactile, we draw comparisons between the past and the future.
A theme that influences the perception of the “self” and the surroundings.
We play with the presumption of interlacing time-frames and exploring the space they create.
With a focus on three dimensional shapes, the physical and tactile experience is an important part of the expression.
We  have always been interested in working with history, the lack of history, and the creation of it. Aspects necessary to build a memory.
We believe that through making a past of the future, we can create a curiosity of history that has not yet happened."

@Nucleo-Piergorgio Robino

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