As part of my studies in Saint-Luc de Liège, a project was proposed in association with the town of Mettet, in the Wllone region of Belgium, which wanted a round-field scultpure at the entrance to the city.

The main attraction of the city is the presence of a recognized car circuit, suitable for both motorcycles and cars.

Presentation at the Mettet Town Hall


"Inaugurated on March 12, 2010, the circuit is built on a clean site of 14 hectares with a vertical drop of 13 meters.

The particularity of this circuit intended for motorcycles as well as cars makes that it was designed according to the The possibility of borrowing one or the other chicane left to the choice of the organizer of the event. A service road bypasses the whole circuit from outside and serves essentially the intervention cars, the rescue services as well as the journalists.

The tribunes on a natural site give a panoramic and overall view on the whole circuit."



My final proposition is a fusion between man and machine in speed.


The driver and his motorcycle become one, in a dynamics created by the wooden strata, representing the fragmentation of movement, fluid and jerky. The materials chosen for the sculpture in its actual dimensions A local wood, different hard species are possible, with a water repellent treatment (high resistance to water The blue stone, extracted in the region, also called "little ganit" for its brilliance and hardness.

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