As part of this competition for the furniture brand Fly, we were asked to create a seat. I first thought about the furniture, which in an interior evokes the most time of relaxation, and my mind naturally went to the bath. Create a kind of hybrid furniture. So I from the lines of the olds "master's bathtubs", and their special feet, shaped like lion's paws and rounded at the top.

By simplifying the lines to the maximum and keeping only one part of the structure, I arrived at a simple and elegant model.

The "feet" gave way to supports stretched from the seat, and superfluous shapes were simplified.


The sofa consists of a rigid white opaque fiberglass hull, support placed on the ground, which then hosts the cushion soft and fluffy red fabric and polyether foam.


The ensemble is inspired by 1970s furniture series, such as Eero Saarinen's Tulip Chair and Daryo, a recent creation by Fly

The prototype was modeled in 3D on the Solidworks software, converted and printed in 3D on a scale of 1: 15.

© 2018  Simon Fremy